4 easy WAYS to use WHEY for fat- loss

Most of the people you know that have struggled with weight, fat loss, or dieting and have ended up with long-term, sustainable success have successfully used protein shakes. Clean & Natural Protein shakes are easily one of the best foods in regards to macro-nutrient profiles, but what makes them shine even more are their ease of use, convenience, and overall good taste. (We call this the “compliance factor”, you are more likely to stick with something yummy than something that is considered a chore).

Real-World Example: if you have 2 foods of similar protein/carb/fat content and you’re using it as part of your fat-loss strategy, are you more likely to reliably consume a fresh chocolate protein shake or a room-temperature can of tuna? Yup.

ANYWAY – here are our top 4 ways to use WHEY as part of your overall fat-loss strategy!

  1. MEAL REPLACEMENT Replace a commonly over-indulged meal such as lunch with a delicious protein smoothie. Blend with different combinations of fruits for more sweetness (and fiber), nut butters (healthy fats!), and quick-oats for a long-lasting delicious meal that you can prepare in a matter of minutes. You’ll probably be done and ready quicker than Susan from Accounting who microwaves her Healthy Choice meals everyday and stinks up the office. Need some recipes or ideas? Check out our recipe blog with 30 combinations. Sometimes skip breakfast? Use a protein smoothie as your new breakfast and control your appetite better throughout the day.
  2. SNACK REPLACEMENT Mix a scoop or two with water, milk, or almond milk and slam this baby down to keep your metabolism humming and your hunger at bay. Consider the long-term effects of healthy snacking versus chips, gas station munchies, etc. This is about more than just fat-loss, this is also your health.
  3. POST-WORKOUT Consume 1-2 scoops post-workout to encourage lean muscle retention or growth. Men and Women alike should strive for lean muscle tissue stimulation, growth, and retention as this is the largest source of your resting metabolic rate. The more muscle you have, the higher your metabolism even while at rest.
  4. BEFORE GOING OUT TO EAT OR INTO TEMPTING ENVIRONMENTS This is a lesser known strategy often used by successful fitness types, gurus, and even celebs. If you go to your favorite restaurant and you walk in simply ravenous – who is to blame when an hour later you’re stuffed to the gills and feel absolutely horrible about yourself and your over-indulgence? The body’s instincts to over-eat when overly hungry can be difficult to control (believe me we understand). However, you are not a wolf. You are a human, use your brain to think ahead. If you walk into that same restaurant and are now simply there to enjoy something small while relaxing with friends and family – you’re in a much better position NOT to over-indulge and over-consume. You’ve now put yourself in a position to not only spend less money, but also to leave feeling like a Champion in Life rather than the champion of a hot-dog eating contest. Use a strategy: Consume a protein shake 30 minutes to an hour ahead of time and show up in control of yourself.

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