About CleanFuel Nutrition

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Why we are delivering the highest quality natural health products at a reasonable price

CleanFuel Nutrition was founded in 2018 with a single goal in mind: Provide the absolute highest quality natural health, wellness, and performance products to people of all walks of life.

We want our products to be enjoyed by health-conscious people of all ages, without breaking the bank. Our flagship product The Right Whey, embodies our holistic approach to the fitness and supplement industry.

We believe you can reach your fitness goals WITHOUT sacrificing your health

Simply put, we pair the highest quality ingredients with the highest quality manufacturing to create outstanding products designed to enhance your health, wellness, and quality of Life. We don't cut corners in terms of quality, even if it impacts our pricing or our profitability.

  • Conducted in ultra high-quality FDA-approved labs.
  • Mandated to strictly adhere to all Good Manufacturing Practices.
  • Certified Gluten-Free, Non-GMO, and free of known Banned Substances.
  • Routinely independently 3rd-party tested for 100% purity during processing and again in final product form.
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Get fit, stay healthy, risk-free

The key to a successful company lies within the trust of our customer base and within the products themselves. We have not, and will not, ever compromise in this area. We are not a conglomerate corporation ran by a board of directors who serve to increase profits. We are family-owned, and our definition of success is not defined by a quarterly return to stockholders.

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Amazing what your company is accomplishing -- this is by far the best natural protein I've ever tasted & no bubble-guts afterwards which I can certainly appeciate!

Elizabeth Conrad, Kansas 


Our Family

Meet Josh and Lindsay Barnes and their two sons: Carson & Hayden.

Long-term fitness and supplement fanatic, Josh, initially created The Right Whey after failing to find a whey protein powder he could give his boys, guilt-free. It seemed as if every product was laced with chemical sweeteners, fillers, or dyes that didn't align with the family's healthy eating habits.

Some of these "health products" weren't even legal to sell in other countries! No way could loving parents trust these companies with the very health of their two precious sons. Natural products turned out to be over-priced, under-manufactured, or simply not very good tasting!

It was at this moment that Josh conceived of the idea behind The Right Whey. To date, thousands of people have now enjoyed this all-natural and delicious product and the customer base continues to grow rapidly.

We hope you enjoy our products as much as we do and we hope you share them with your friends as nothing is more powerful than a personal reference!