Anti-Cancer Properties of the sweetener Monkfruit, also known as “Luo Han Guo”.

Monkfruit is the zero-cal sweetener used in the formulation of “The Right Whey“.
The Right Whey is a health-based, all-natural, non-gmo, 100% whey isolate protein.

What is Monkfruit?

Monkfruit, also known as “Luo Han Guo” is a fruit grown in China. For thousands of years, Chinese Monks have revered this fruit as a therapeutic form of medicine used to prevent illness and promote lifespan longevity. From this unique fruit, we are able to extract a zero-calorie sweetener that can not only be used as a sugar-substitute, but also shows health benefits with its anti-cancer properties.

How is Monkfruit anti-cancer?

Monkfruit, like all fruits, is comprised of various natural compounds. One of these natural compounds is a rare phytochemical called Mogroside V. Mogrosides and Mogroside V are the compounds that also gives Monkfruit its sweet taste and are the extracted compounds used for sweetening a growing number of health foods.

In a recent study led by the Beijing University of Agriculture, Mogroside V was used to treat pancreatic cancer, and showed immense promise by triggering death in cancer cells and also by stopping further cancer cell spreading. These and other similar findings are putting monkfruit in the spotlight as a sugar-alternative that not only serves as an anti-diabetic sweetener, but also plays a role in an anti-cancer regiment.

Monkfruit is also a powerful antioxidant. Another recent study confirmes that “antioxidant capacity evaluted in vitro showed that MG (Mogrosides extract) and Mogroside V, which was the main component of MG, possessed strong oxygen free radical scavenging activities”. Antioxidants have long been shown to reduce the risk of cancer, which is typically associated with an excess level of free radicals that mutate cells. Yet another peer-reviewed study identified the phytochemical Mogrol (which provides the sweet taste of Monkfruit) as an effective means of treating Leukemia.

Where is Monkfruit available and how can I incorporate it into my dietary intake?

Monkfruit is the key sweetener in the trademarked health-based whey isolate “The Right Whey”. This unique protein is produced and distributed by CleanFuel Nutrition ( The use of Monkfruit as a sweetener in proteins is not commonly seen due to the extract’s rarity and price.

Monkfruit extract can also be found in select health food stores, outlets, and online. Fresh Monkfruit itself is difficult to come by in the US due to the fruit’s Chinese origination and short shelf-life (Monkfruit is notoriously difficult to grow in other regions).

There is no question that natural sweeteners, particularly Monkfruit, should serve as the chief sugar substitute(s) for our population, rather than the chemically produced man-made sweeteners so often found in our western diet. We predict a growing trend away from these chemicals and towards natural solutions as our society seeks to prevent, rather than just treat cancer.

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  1. Jack Brown on January 16, 2022 at 4:55 am

    Amazing article! I really hope this is based on genuine findings as I am just about to put my uncle onto the monk fruit as he has a massive amount of cancers atm that they can’t treat because his heart is too weak 🙁

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