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CleanFuel Pre-Workout

Do you want to up your energy, strength and endurance today?

CleanFuel Pre-Workout represents a revolutionary new breed of pre-workout. We go far beyond the traditional caffeine/arginine/beta alanine mix and provide a special blend of Nootropic focus ingredients to help you dial in your workout. By combining these mind-focusing ingredients with high doses of the most effective pump ingredients, endurance blends, and key energy components available, our powerhouse formula allows you to experience and feel a new level of performance.

With your very first dose of CleanFuel Pre-workout, you will notice an immediate uptick in focus, energy, strength, endurance, performance, and motivation.

This powerful experience will keep you engaged in your workout (and the workouts to follow) and will help deliver results, faster.

Performance Enhancers:

Beta Alanine dosed heavily at 4 grams per scoop. Beta Alanine is well known to increase exercise capacity and decrease muscle fatigue by buffering lactic acid produced by working muscles. This potent ingredient also has antioxidant, immune-enhancing, anti-aging properties.

Betaine HCL is well known for its digestive health aid properties as well as its joint and liver health benefits and ability to reduce the risk of heart disease. Betaine is also known to increase muscular output, the body’s ability to complete more total reps during strength training. Betaine can also lower levels of lactic acid in the muscles, thereby reducing muscular fatigue and allowing you to train harder, longer.

Caffeine Anhydrous Caffeine is well-known to cause major improvements in performance and alertness in athletes as well as helping the body to release stored fat from fat cells while helping you to burn more calories.


Citrulline Malate dosed at an impressive 8 grams to increase bloodflow which in turn increases oxygen/nutrient delivery resulting in desirable muscle pumps, increased endurance, and improved recovery.


Huperzine A is a key Nootropic ingredient in our blend for its enhancement of focus and concentration. These are key elements when continuously attempting to produce high-level workouts. Huperzine A is known for its effects on brain health such as its use in memory and learning enhancement, memory impairment, and natural treatments and studies for use in Alzheimer’s prevention. Huperzine A increases chemicals that our nerves use to communicate in the brain and muscles with reported improvements in mind-muscle connection, coordination, and thought speed.

L-Tyrosine is another Nootropic known to improve alertness, attention, and focus while helping nerve cells communicate and regulating mood. L-Tyrosine helps our bodies make important substances you might recognize such as neurotransmitters and hormones such as Dopamine (our feel-good brain chemical), Adrenaline, and Thyroid Hormones.

L-Theanine is a calming and relaxing Nootropic. It has a synergistic effect with caffeine that allows for significant energy boost, while reducing or eliminating jittery side effects, nervousness, anxiety, and energy crashes. L-theanine helps to enhance mood and target the positive effects of caffeine to boost focus and attention while reducing the negative effects.







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25 reviews for CleanFuel Pre-Workout

  1. John S.

    Tried the lemon-lime from a sample pack at my crossfit box and damn….good stuff. Went on to later just crush my workout. Strength and Endurance were through the roof!

  2. Ryan Snowden

    The Lemon Lime pre-workout is THE BOMB!! On days when I am too tired to workout, sore and just not motivated. Clean Fuel Pre-Workout gets me going every time. With no question as to what I am putting into my body, it’s absolutely the best pre-workout drink i’ve Ever tried. It was a huge reason why I was able to complete the Spartan Trifecta without crashing half way through the races. I’ll never try anything else. Thank you Clean Fuel Nutrition!!

  3. Matt Grooms

    Taste is amazing!!! I felt great through my entire CrossFit workout. Love this stuff

  4. Ryan Cordova

    Lemon Lime is Great! Great Volume and Blood Flow. Easily pushed 2 extra sets on everything!

  5. Clay

    As a trainer for over 10 years and gym owner, I’ve come across every brand of supplements imaginable. I met the guys from Clean Fuel and tried out and couldn’t be happier with the product. I know carry these supplements at my gym. You can’t beat the quality of their product and the price is very good for what they offer. I highly recommend giving it a try.

  6. Lisa

    Watermelon is amazing! A good pre-workout is essential for my early morning workouts and CleanFuel does not disappoint! This product provides so much more clarity, strength and endurance than any product I’ve tried.

  7. Brad B

    Having never really used or tried any type of pre workout or protein whey I couldn’t have asked for a better product. More energy and taste is amazing. I knew I had to make a change and 21 pounds later couldn’t be happier with the results. Running 5 k’s and working out on a regular basis with clean fuel I know and understand what I am putting into my body.

  8. Brian Murray

    It was a perfect day for this!! I was tired and sluggish not really motivated. I went a head and mixed me up some pre workout and bam I was ready to roll!!!! Best I’ve tried and I’ve been taking supplements since the early 90’s!!! Clean fuel rocks!!!!

  9. Kristen Goeke

    I use the protein powder as my daily lunch on the go. As a busy mom, professional and wife I am always looking for something healthy and quick. The protein that clean fuel nutrition provides is exactly that “clean”. They have clean ingredients while competitors have items I can’t even pronounce in them. I am now a sole user/ supporter. Way to go guys!

  10. Steve

    Like many working adults with kids, I had my glory years in high school and college where I was in peak physical fitness followed by a few years of laziness followed by a return to healthy habits. Over the course of my workout journey, I’ve tried a variety of different energy and pre-workout products. CleanFuel is THE BEST mix I’ve ever had BY FAR. If I could put that in bigger, bolder letters, I would.

    Other products I’ve tried were either duds, made me feel jittery/heart-attacky and, more recently, nauseous when I tried a popular organic canned workout drink at my gym. CleanFuel’s Pre-workout tastes great, caused no digestive issues, no nausea, no jitters but you feel it’s there. It’s hard to explain but when I’m getting into the hardest portions of my workouts where many adults burn out and call it a day, my muscles don’t get tired, they CRAVE more action and allow me to lift MORE weight. The feeling isn’t artificial, it feels remarkably natural and it’s helped me rack up multiple personal bests in different lifts over a short period of time which is a great motivator to keep going. Can’t recommend this product enough!

  11. Brent Ault

    I manage a gym that carries this product. I always recommend this over anything else. The older I get, the less I want a “tweaker/jittery” feel to my pre-workout. I have great focus and drive while using this product, as well as no crash from too much stimulant like the average pre-workout on the market.

  12. Michael A.

    Great preworkout with researched-backed ingredients and in the proper dosages! This one packs a punch for sure, everything you need and nothing you don’t.

  13. Nick C

    Can safely say this is the best pre workout I’ve taken. Has enough beta to get you moving but not too much that ruins your workout. One of my favorite things about this pre is how I feel during and after I train. Whether it be cardio, heavy lifting or whatever I’m doing that day, I don’t start a workout without it. With other pre workouts I have used in the past I would crash hard after. Luckily, I don’t have that problem anymore because of CleanFuel.

  14. David F.

    This stuff is AMAZING. Never used a Pre-Workout before until CleanFuel, so wasn’t sure what to expect. Took it for the first time before a run the other day and felt like I had wings on my feet – I was FLYING! Had a way longer and more intense run than I had in a long time. I plan to keep this in stock in our house going forward!

  15. Shelbi M.

    Good stuff! I like that there are no jitters. Clean & effective!

  16. Sara P.

    This preworkout is my go to! I love the combination of the jittery feeling from the beta alanine and the nootropic focus from the rest of the formula. The flavor has a good balance of tart and sweet and doesn’t give off that super dusty powder that most other preworkouts have. Overall, it’s an amazing product.

  17. Kacie

    I love the Lemon Lime!! Not too sweet, not too bitter. I love how there’s. Not a ton of additives and artificial junk! Great energy after taking this, for sure the best workouts. I’ve taken many pre works and this is by far my favorite! Highly recommend!!

  18. Kacie

    I love the Lemon Lime!! Not too sweet, not too bitter. I love how there’s. Not a ton of additives and artificial junk! Great energy after taking this, for sure the best workouts. I’ve taken many pre workouts and this is by far my favorite! Highly recommend!!

  19. Kacie

    I love the Lemon Lime!! Not too sweet, not too bitter. I love how there’s not a ton of additives and artificial junk! Great energy after taking this, for sure the best workouts after taking the product. I’ve taken many pre workouts and this is by far my favorite! Highly recommend!!

  20. Cody Denton

    This is like no other pre workout I have taken. Others make me jittery and shaky. This stuff makes me focused. I won’t ever buy anything else.

  21. Joe DePasquale

    This preworkout will make you feel great without all the bad sides that these products are known for. More than anything I think we all know that pre-workouts are simply not good for your body but you keep taking them anyway because they work great. Imagine a preworkout that works even better than what you’ve had but you also have zero guilt because its not full of toxic crap. Welcome to cleanfuel preworkout.

  22. Traci

    I love CleanFuel’s Pre-workout! I’ve been taking it for quite awhile and I love the energy, focus, and pump it gives me. It has gotten me through many grueling workouts and helped me hit new PR’s. (I’m also really picky on tastes and I love both flavors.) I recommend it to all of my friends!

  23. Bret McDermott (verified owner)

    The new Blue Razz is awesome! Love this stuff, as it’s much cleaner and gives me the energy & pump I need. Feels nice knowing I use a safe and strong supplement, and don’t have to worry about those harmful ingredients that are in most other pre-workouts. These guys did a great job with this one!

  24. Gavin m

    Very clean ingredients, good supplement amounts, no petroleum dyes, ace k, or sucralose. Considering all this, its a great product. Workout was good and it had enough caffeine to get a little bit of energy without feeling sick; only complaint is that the lemon lime tastes bad after the first couple times for some reason.

  25. Aidan Brunson (verified owner)

    I’ve been meaning to write a review for a long time. I had previously never taken any pre workout supplements because of how terrible the ingredients are. After I started using CleanFuels protein, I heard about their all natural pre workout and decided to try it. I definitely notice a difference in my workouts and love the taste. My favorite part about it is how I know that I’m not putting unnatural chemicals in my body while still getting a great pre workout. Thank you for the great product! Highly recommend.

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