CleanFuel Blender Bottle


CleanFuel Branded Blender Bottle


CleanFuel Nutrition CleanFuel Shaker Bottle

What is the best way to mix up CleanFuel Nutrition products?

Pair your favorite CleanFuel product with our customized Blender Bottle.  These top quality 24 ounce Phthalate-Free and BPA-Free shakers feature a screw-on top with a durable cap and are designed to last.  Shakers also feature an optional “agitator” ball to help thoroughly mix even the thickest of powders with no clumping.

These shaker bottles also make transportation of your pre-workout or protein powder a breeze, simply add the desired amount of scoops, add cold water now (or later) and take it to go!


CleanFuel Shaker Bottle


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