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CleanFuel Nutrition The Right Whey

Are you looking for a protein powder that will deliver maximum uptake and absorption?

Are you looking for the best natural whey protein powder designed for maximum health and results?

The Right Whey is an ultra-premium, all-natural, gluten-free, non-gmo 100% Whey Protein powder specifically designed for those who simply demand the best. Our natural protein is comprised of 100% whey isolate combined with digestive enzymes for maximum BCAA uptake and absorption.

Whey Protein Isolate is the highest grade whey protein available. Whey Isolate undergoes a more thorough processing which results in a higher protein content with less carbs, lactose, and fat. This additional processing results in both a superior end product, but is also more costly to source and produce. We also avoid use of all soy-based ingredients including protein sources and lecithins, and instead use sunflower-based ingredients.

The Right Whey harnesses the power of digestive enzymes such as Papain, a potent antioxidant and natural fruit digestive enzyme that is proven to help the body break down proteins, resulting in greater overall absorption than other protein products. Papain is also known to ease digestion and significantly reduce or eliminate bloating or indigestion.

The Right Whey contains no artificial sweeteners, flavors, fillers, or colors. Boasting an impressive 11.7 grams of BCAA (per 2 scoop serving) allows those interested in fat-loss, muscle-building, or health improvement the protein supplement they need to match their fitness goals. Best of all the monkfruit-sweetened protein is formulated to eliminate indigestion or bloating and is instantized for easy-mixing, all while tasting absolutely delicious.

Choose The Right Whey as your protein supplement source and feel better knowing you’re making the smartest choice possible for your health.

Simply put, if you’re currently ingesting a protein product but your body is unable to actually break down and absorb the nutrients, you are wasting your money. The Right Whey is specially-formulated to work with your body to ensure you are actually absorbing the precious amino acids you pay for and need for muscle recovery.

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19 reviews for The Right Whey

  1. Mike Lowe

    I have had the vanilla an it is awesome I had it as a meal replacement and it keep me satisfied until it was time to eat again and I love how easy it mixes up on the go

  2. Ryan Snowden

    I’ve tried almost every protein on the market. Off brands to name brands like Beachbody. None of them hold a flame to The Right Whey. From the ingredients to the over all performance. The Right Whey is hands down the best, healthiest and all around most effective protein out there. No reason for me to try anything else. Give it a try! I guarantee you won’t find anything better. Treat your body The Right Whey!!

  3. Evan Cline

    I have this as my breakfast every day and it is delicious. The best protein mix I have ever had. I mix with different combinations of frozen fruit (blueberries are my go to). I’m down 15 pounds since I started and look forward to continued results. My kids enjoy it as well!

  4. Patty Sainz

    We loooove the Right whey at my house! Between my husband, my athletic son and myself – we can’t get enough. I love being able to offer my 13 year son a product that isn’t filled with junk and that helps him with muscle recovery!
    The Right Whey is definitely a game changer in the world of protein powders & it’s one you can feel good about feeding your muscles whatever your goals are!

  5. Trace Staton

    THE BEST WHEY PRODUCT ON THE MARKET!!! I am a college football player at the University of Central Missouri and after every workout I whip some Right Whey!! It is easily the best tasting protein powder I have tasted💪 THE RIGHT WHEY IS THE REAL DEAL

  6. Steve

    The backbone of my regiment to return to healthy workout and eating habits has been Right Whey shakes. The vanilla mix in the morning with fresh fruit is so damn tasty. I’ve saved money, cut out dumb stuff I shouldn’t have been eating on the go and drinking Right Whey makes me feel great. Other protein mixes I’ve tried over the years got wonky textures if you used milk vs ice, some tasted chalky, some tasted bland, some tasted crappy and many were straight liabilities as they were digested.

    Right Whey fills me up from early breakfast thru a light, healthy lunch and has helped me shed 8lbs thus far while visibly adding muscle in places it wasn’t before. In the evening, I drink a CleanFuel Pre-workout on the walk into the gym, have a freaking great workout and finish it off with a chocolate Right Whey shake in the evening as a treat. Honestly, when was the last time drinking your protein shake was a considered a treat? This stuff tastes so freaking good and is so healthy I don’t think twice to share my shake with the kids (who also love the taste).

  7. Sean Van Horn

    This is the first whey protein I have used that mixes really easily, tastes great and digests really well. I usually have stomach issues but I feel great when taking this product. I highly recommend it to anyone if you are wanting a pure solid protein.

  8. Angela

    This product is great! I’ve had both the chocolate and vanilla and they both taste amazing! (No chalky “chemical” taste) Also more importantly I can really tell a difference in my muscle recovery the next day and how I feel when I use it! I don’t have time to be sick and I need to keep myself healthy and strong for my kids and this is a product that really helps me get that little extra!

  9. P. Brett Thorne

    I started using this product 6 months ago based off of a referral and THERE IS A DIFFERENCE! Plus the customer service is top notch!

  10. P. Brett Thorne

    I switched to this product 6 months ago based off of a referral and THERE IS A DIFFERENCE! Plus the customer service is top notch!

  11. Erin Bane

    Love this product! I drink it every morning after my workouts. The vanilla flavor is delicious and the texture is great! Plus I don’t have to worry about the ingredients list… I know it is legit! There’s also no better customer service around!

  12. Mark S.

    The Right Whey is a fantastic product! It tastes great, mixes easily, and works well as a meal replacement. This company clearly has a passion to create natural, clean nutrition products that are safe and affordable. It’s nice not to have to worry about what’s in your tub, you know without a doubt it’s the best and its ethically created and labeled. I love everything they make! You won’t be disappointed!

  13. David F.

    Best tasting whey protein my wife and I have ever tried. The vanilla flavor is the BOMB!

  14. Skylar

    Before discovering The Right Whey I had been through four different whey protein supplements. Every one of them had a less-than-desirable taste and wouldn’t completely dissolve in a shaker; only when blended. Right Whey seems to be the polar opposite of all the other brands I had tried. The vanilla tastes so good that I actually look forward to my scheduled drinks. Its ability to dissolve with ease in my shaker makes it far more convenient and palatable.

    I started taking it as a meal replacement, but as my workout routine has evolved, it has become an integral part of how I fuel my body and has inherently helped me achieve greater gains. Love this product!

  15. Shelbi M. (verified owner)

    Love the vanilla! It’s a great addition to any smoothie or shake recipe!

  16. Ashleigh

    This is such a great product. It is nearly impossible to find an actual clean protein supplement that you can feel good about putting in your body. Appreciate you guys making this. Tastes great too!

  17. Kaylin M.

    This product is awesome and tastes great as well. Everyone in our household uses it and no one can complain. I would definitely recommend this to people!

  18. Ryan (verified owner)

    Until now, I’ve had a difficult time finding a protein powder that tastes great and contains only the ingredients I need. I’ve used The Right Whey for over a year, seen great results, and continue to look forward to my pre and post workout shake.

  19. Aidan Brunson

    I’ve been meaning to write a review for this protein for a while. I haven’t found any all natural proteins that taste even close to as good as the chocolate flavor. The vanilla is also great but the chocolate is definitely my favorite. I’m glad I finally found a protein that I don’t have to force myself to drink while also knowing that I’m not putting unnatural chemicals in my body. Thank you for the great product. Highly recommend.

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